The Sheri + Nancy Show Episode 127: Conscious Luck

Listen to Conscious Luck authors, Gay Hendricks and Carol Kline, talk with Sheri and Nancy about creating a lucky life!

Are You Lucky in Life?

From the Pillar Life:

Two wise and renowned teachers and authors – Gay Hendricks and Carol Kline – dial up the conversation around making your dreams come true with their absolutely delightful new book, Conscious Luck: 8 Secrets to Change your Fortune. Their message is that we are each as lucky as we think we are. We’re listening!

Carol shines the light on what Tina Seelig (Stanford University professor) meant when she said “People think of luck as a lightning strike, but it’s really a wind that’s always blowing.” Luck is so much your own creation. It’s the art of raising your sails to capture the wind of luck that’s wafting around you at all times.

Gay offers this gem: Let’s use this time in the world to empower ourselves with new tools for creating a lucky life. It’s all about deciding to be lucky. He shares a story from his childhood to illustrate when and where he realized that luck is a deliberate, intentional choice. He says that every breath you take is a choice between creativity and stagnation. So let’s dedicate our breath to creating and then watching what happens.

Nancy loves this line from Gay and Carol’s book: “If you can create your life one way, you can create it another way.” We each have an upper limit problem. Things start getting good, and then old fears arise. But we are at the helm of our lucky lives. It’s all about the thoughts we think. We can change the circumstances of our lives by changing our minds.

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